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Crystalline interlude at Roccapina

Roccapina is one of the legendary beaches on Corsica’s west and south coasts. Famous for the incredible color of its water, visible from the main road, and for the famous Lion of Roccapina who watches over it, it has remained wild and unspoiled for years.

Roccapina beach is located in the commune of Sartène, in southern Corsica.
Yet it’s very close to the village of Pianottoli Caldarello and Le Damier campsite. The beach is just 15 km from the campsite.
To reach the beach, join the junction of a small carriage road and follow it for 4 kilometers before arriving at organized parking areas. The beach is just a few more meters away.

White sand and turquoise waters, head for the beach

10 km further north of Pianottoli Caldarello, access to Roccapina beach is very easy. A wide carriageway leads to the valley floor and the untamed beach of Roccapina (several free parking lots). It’s a beach with extremely fine white sand and incredible colors. It’s also one of the best places to swim with younger children, as the bottom sinks very slowly.

The beach is very safe, with little swell and no wind, but it is not supervised. Roccapina beach is a large white sandy beach on the west coast of the island. Located in the commune of Sartène, it lies between the Gulf of Propriano, Tizzano beach and the southern beaches, including those of Les Bruzzi in Pianottoli.

Roccapina beach is an atypical beach, quite wide and long, with very little slope. It is fairly closed to the swell and sheltered. This makes it the perfect beach for families with young children, who can safely enjoy swimming in a heavenly setting. The beach is unsupervised.

Behind this dreamy beach, the tall scrubland and shrubs offer a few shady spots to take shelter from the summer sun and really enjoy the day.

Please note, however, that there is no means of finding water and no catering facilities on the beach or in the immediate vicinity. For a full day in Roccapina, you’ll need to bring along a few reserves.

Lion geological formation Roccapina south Corsica

The Lion of Roccapina hike

The Roccapina area is well known for the beauty of its beach, but also for the famous Lion of Roccapina, enthroned on the rocky outcrop overlooking the beach. This is a special geological formation. The granite blocks from southern Corsica suggest the shape of an elongated lion, like a sphinx. This shape, highly recognizable from the roadside and the Roccapina inn, attracts many photographers.

It’s possible to take a short hike to reach the lion. The path starts from the track leading to the beach, almost at the end of it. The climb is fairly steep but short, and sometimes requires a little balance.

On the summit of the rock (the Lion’s Head) are the remains of a Genoese tower. It contributes to the “Lion’s mane” impression. On the rocky outcrop in front is another Genoese tower, much better preserved.

Your campsite near Roccapina beach

Situated less than 25 minutes by car (including track), Le Damier campsite in Pianottoli is very close to Roccapina beach. Choosing a campsite near Roccapina allows you to take full advantage of this extraordinary beach, one of the most beautiful in the region with exceptionally fine sand, and of the quality of the bathing on this wild coast of Corse-du-Sud.

The beach is extremely easy to find. The trail branches off at the Auberge Coralie, on the main road between Sartène and Bonifacio. The most damaged part of this perfectly passable track is the upper section. It then improves to become trouble-free.

ocean south Corsica coast

Family outings

Beware, there’s no way to eat or drink on site, so remember to take everything with you… and bring it back!

Camping Le Damier, near Roccapina, offers all the services you need for your stay. In the heart of protected vegetation, close to the sea and beaches, your campsite just a stone’s throw from Roccapina is a true haven of peace for lovers of authentic Corsican camping holidays.

Camping le Damier is the ideal solution for discovering Roccapina and the most beautiful sites in Corse-du-Sud, such as the villages of Figari, Bonifacio and many others, not forgetting, of course, the heavenly beaches and must-see sites and activities around Panottoli!

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