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Sunbathing and lounging on the most beautiful beaches in Corse-du-Sud

Choosing Le Damier campsite in southern Corsica means opting for an ideal solution for discovering all the most beautiful beaches in southern Corsica.

Staying at the campsite means it’s just a few minutes’ drive to one of the nearest beaches in Pianottoli and Bruzzi.

But all the beaches between Bonifacio and Roccapina are just a few minutes away by car.

And why not take a day out to discover the hustle and bustle of Porto Vecchio’s beaches.

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The beaches of Pianottoli

The commune of Pianottoli-Caldarello has a seafront with numerous beaches. The “Pianottoli beaches” are those between Pointe Capineru, Saint-Jean beach (with its tower) and Chevanu beach.

The two most popular(Saint-Jean and Chevanu) are beautiful golden sand beaches, made up of a multitude of small coves enclosed by boulders. So you can opt for long stretches of sand or, on the contrary, smaller, more intimate coves.

In Chevanu, there are several parking options, either on the roadside (be careful not to park in the way of traffic) or in a few larger, well-equipped parking lots.

The beaches of Figari Bay

The bay of Figari offers several beaches.

The widest and most accessible is to the south of the bay. Access is via a junction on the main road to Bonifacio.

The Tenuta and Soprane beaches can be reached via a small road, which then becomes a limited-height track.

The beach is rather narrow and not very suitable for swimming (less so than the beaches of Pianottoli). On the other hand, it is one of the most popular spots for board sports, especially kitesurfing ( Eole Figari school).

Continuing on foot, you can reach the “Sottane” beach, facing Saint-Jean beach and its tower.

The Gulf of Ventilegne

This is the gulf to the south of Figari. Swimming is possible on both shores of this very wide bay.

To the north, access is via a dirt track, serving several different beaches. Each beach has its own parking area for easy access. The entire area is classified and protected by the Conservatoire du Littoral. Access is therefore highly regulated. Thank you for respecting them.

The best-known beaches are Campo Mezzano and Testarella. On the south shore, the main beaches are those of La Tonnara (the largest, accessible and equipped) and Stagnolu, named after the pond (less easy to access and with a naturist section).

aerial view Rondinara Bay Corsica

Bonifacio’s beaches

Bonifacio is just 15 km south of Pianottoli. A visit to the city is a must. Perhaps you’d like to go to the beach in Bonifacio? There are few beaches in this commune. The best-known is, of course, Sperone at the Piantarella lagoon, but access in summer is very difficult (crowded, impossible to park).

Bonifacio’s other star beach is Rondinara, often likened to Porto Vecchio. Again, in the middle of summer, difficult to access.

Don’t miss the immense Balistra beach north of Santa Manza (easy access via a track, free parking no problem).

For lovers of small coves, Paragan beach is within easy reach.

Other shores to lay your towel on at a campsite near Corsica’s beaches

  • Mucchiu Biancu is a wilder beach, accessible from Furnellu beach along the coast, or from the main road well before the turn-off to the far south. Popular with hikers, it is made up of pebbles and has the particularity of being located next to the Genoese Tower of Olmeto (which warned of invasions several hundred years ago).
  • Furnellu beach in the commune of Monaccia-d’Aullène. Little-known and little-visited because it’s not signposted, it benefits from an exceptional setting. It is also accessible to people with reduced mobility. The first is an anchorage area, and to the left is Furnellu cove, which for most Corsicans is one of the most beautiful coves in Corsica.
  • Arbitru beach: a magnificent little beach in the commune of Pianottoli, with fine sand and turquoise waters to accompany your time on this heavenly beach. It’s also possible for seabed lovers to see some beautiful fish, as the beach is part of the Bonifacio nature reserve. However, fishing is prohibited for the sake of the marine environment, as many of the species present are protected.

The Porto Vecchio region is best known for its legendary beaches. The names Palombaggia and Santa Giulia are bound to ring a bell when you’re planning a vacation in southern Corsica. The city of salt is also well worth a visit beyond the seaside. The upper town is a charming shopping district.

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