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Pianottoli: an ocean of beaches just a stone’s throw from the campsite

The commune of Pianottoli-Caldarello, where Le Damier campsite is located, boasts a beautiful seafront, part of which is totally wild and unspoilt (classified as a nature reserve). So you can choose from several beaches in Pianotolli Caldarello.

The “Pianottoli beaches” are those between Pointe Capineru, Plage de Saint-Jean (with its tower) and Plage Chevanu, also known as Kevano. The most famous are those of Saint Jean with its famous tower, Chevanu and Bruzzi.

The two most popular(Saint-Jean and Chevanu) are beautiful golden sand beaches, made up of a multitude of small coves enclosed by boulders. So you can opt for long stretches of sand or, on the contrary, smaller, more intimate coves.

Take advantage of your stay at the Pianottoli campsite to change beaches regularly without ever losing quality!

Chevanu beach Corsica

Chevanu beach

Chevanu beach is 700 metres away and comprises two sandy beaches. This beach is the gateway to the Bruzzi trail. Accessible via two entrances, it comprises a small beach of fine sand and crystal-clear water, separated from the second beach by a rocky outcrop. The second beach is larger in area, but is also made up of fine sand and wild vegetation.

Saint Jean beach

Between the Caldarello tower and the Capineru headland, you’ll find the beaches of Saint-Jean, accessible via two entrances: the main beach of Saint-Jean is the most accessible from the road, but also has the largest expanse of fine sand. Despite its easy accessibility, it’s not overcrowded at the height of the season. Like all the beaches of Pianottoli and Figari, it is also made up ofrocky heaps , making it ideal for diving.

The Bruzzi beaches

The beaches of southern Corsica are often the talk of the town. The beaches around Pianotolli Caldarello much less so. However, the beauty of the beaches in the Bruzzi region deserves more recognition. However, this means you can now access dream beaches without being hindered by overcrowding.

Note that the Bruzzi are classified as a nature reserve, and a hike can be an excellent family activity.

beach in Corsica transparent water

La Tour beach

A must-see beach in the commune of Pianottoli, the tower was built in the XVIᵉ century. Surrounded by small coves, overlooking transparent water, it offers diving fun for some and long sunbathing sessions for others thanks to its fine sand. Not to mention that this historic village monument is one of Pianottoli’s proudest achievements.

Accessible from a variety of locations, you can discover unique coves not often visited by tourists. But the secret is well kept.

Must-see coastal sites near Pianottoli

Expanding the radius of your search a little, here are some possibilities for discovery from the Pianottoli campsite:

  • The town of Bonifacio, undoubtedly one of the most incredible places to visit in southern Corsica. Perched on high limestone cliffs overlooking Sardinia, the citadel of Bonifacio is a must-see when on vacation in Pianottoli.
  • Porto Vecchio: here again, it would be a shame to spend a week’s vacation at a campsite in Pianottoli and not visit Corsica’s most famous seaside resort.

    The town is well worth a visit, but it’s above all the southern beaches that attract visitors: Palombaggia, Santa Giulia and La Rondinara.
  • The region’s kitesurfing and windsurfing spots are also very popular. The Figari spot is the closest to the campsite, but La Tonnara and Santa Manza are also easily accessible, depending on wind conditions.
  • Roccapina beach is the wildest of the beaches accessible by road on the west coast. It’s also one of the most photographed because of its exceptional environment. At the foot of the famous Lion of Roccapina, this superb white sand beach is perfect for a 100% seaside day out, less than 15 minutes’ drive from the campsite in Pianottoli.

But a stay at our campsite offers much more than exploring the beaches of Pianottoli! Pianottoli is packed with sites to visit and activities to enjoy, and staying at our campsite for your Corsican vacation means you can discover a host of other heavenly beaches, as well as the villages of Figari, Roccapina and Bonifacio.

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